How To File A Claim

InsuraGuest Protection Policy is important in case your guests experience an unfortunate event while they are enjoying their stay at your hotel.

Filing a claim with our carriers is quick and easy. 

File your claim online

If you are a member hotel with a certificate from the InsuraGuest Master Policy, please click below for your claims forms.


Great American Insurance Group


Prime Insurance Company

Track your claim

Once you have filed a claim, you can check your claim status online, 24 hours a day.

Important details you will need to know:

  • First, with very few exceptions, claims must be reported within 72 hours of the date of loss or injury.
  • Second, don’t forget and don’t wait, because submitting your claim late could incur a non-insured event. If your items were lost or stolen and are later found, you should contact the carrier and return payment immediately.

Canceling a claim

If you have filed a claim and then find the lost item, you may be able to cancel your claim by contacting InsuraGuest with your claim ID. Canceling a claim will depend on the terms and conditions and the number of days after you have filed. Most claims can be canceled if reported within a few days of the event.