InsuraGuest Technologies, Inc. (TSX.V: ISGI) Proprietors Policy Portal Now Open for Business

  • Launch of InsurTech Portal to Offer Business Owner Liability Protection
  • The Insure the People Portal to Provide Coverage to Over 130 Class Codes
  • Coverage for Building & Business Property and Business Income
  • General Liability Occurrence Limits: US$300,000, US$500,000, US$1 million and US$2 million
  • Employment Practices Liability

With the launch of its business owner policy (“BOP”) portal, InsuraGuest Technologies, Inc. (TSX.V: ISGI) (OTC: IGSTF) is extending its general liability coverage to a vital sector of the U.S. economy: small businesses. Through the site——small business owners and operators of a wide range of enterprises, from public accountants to commodity merchants to bars and pubs, will be able to purchase insurance protection, underwritten by Crum & Forster, for a variety of special needs. The BOP comes at a crucial time. Risks for small business owners have increased dramatically in recent times. The BOP expands InsuraGuest’s product menu. The company already offers a Hospitality Liability Policy to hotels and the vacation rental markets. With this new offering, InsuraGuest is now part and parcel of the insurtech ecosystem. Like a number of pioneering companies before it, InsuraGuest is set to disrupt the staid insurance sector. The company is changing the way insurance coverage is delivered to realize its conviction that insurance should be bought, not sold.

The Insure the People website incorporates many of the beneficial features of InsuraGuest’s insurtech platform. Through it, business owners from a wide range of retail, wholesale, mercantile, office and business service establishments will have access to a range of policies best fitted to their needs. The insurance industry categorizes business enterprises by degree and type of risk into “class codes” that cover various kinds of business enterprise. For instance, in some businesses, such as a manufacturer of furniture, internal risks, injury to workers, say, may be the primary concern. In others, the risks may originate externally, such as being sued by customers for a malfunctioning product or a product that compromises safety guidelines. InsuraGuest’s insurtech BOPs cover over 130 class codes and are now available in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, all jurisdictions where the InsuraGuest Insurance Agency is licensed to sell insurance.

BOPs provide the following:

  • Property coverage for building and business property, business income and extra expenses.
  • Enhanced equipment breakdown (includes micro-circuity).
  • General liability – occurrence limits: US$300,000, US$500,000, US$1 million and US$2 million.
  • Employment practices liability.

Companies eligible for coverage are those that with revenues up to US$6 million per location, with occupancies up to 35,000 square feet, on a minimum annual premium of US$250.

InsuraGuest also offers a Hospitality Liability Policy, previously known as the Guest Protection Policy. The Hospitality Liability Policy is a supplemental insurance product for hotels, vacation rental operators and similar establishments, which is enjoying increasing adoption. The company recently completed the integration of the end-to-end property management platform operated by Hostfully Inc. with InsuraGuest’s Application Programming Interface (“API”). The integration provides InsuraGuest with Hostfully’s customer listings and also allows Hostfully clients to access InsuraGuest’s hospitality products.

InsuraGuest’s insurtech platform is also capable of connecting to approximately 70 different hotel property-management systems, including Oracle Opera, Hilton-ONQ, Springer-Miller Systems, Marriot Fosse, Marriott Full Service, Agilysys and Lightspeed GPS. It seems that wherever InsuraGuest goes, disruption will not be far behind.

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