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Harnessing the power of technology to reimagine, reinvent, and revolutionize insurance

What is Insurtech?

Insurtech (insurance + technology) is best described as the innovative combination of technology and insurance that transforms the way insurance is delivered. Just as fintech (finance + technology) transformed the banking world, insurtech now uses emerging technologies to revolutionize the insurance industry, better meeting consumer preferences and expectations.

The insurtech market continues to see explosive growth, and InsuraGuest Technologies is riding the wave of technological innovation in the digital insurance sector. As an insurtech software provider, our systems already target specific niche markets, and we’re continually working on expanding our offerings to wider audiences to bring in additional revenue streams.

Approximately $16.5 billion has been invested in insurtech over the past decade, and the pressure for change and innovation in the insurance market continues to increase the pace of investment.

Our Insurtech Platform

At InsuraGuest Technologies, our insurtech platform is set up to deliver digital insurance packages directly to partners. We not only deliver to partners on a business-to-business basis, but we’re using technology to expand our platform to accommodate business-to-consumer markets. The different digital insurance needs of various markets allow InsuraGuest Technologies to provide added value by tailoring products to clients’ specific needs while building systems that can be adapted elsewhere.

InsuraGuest Technologies also provides a fully automated agency/broker software program that allows agents and brokers to sign up instantly online. Brokers and agents then have the power to take digital insurance we provide to their own customers, which speeds up the distribution process.

InsuraGuest Technologies focuses on adding value to the insurance market by integrating insurance innovation and technology into a single flexible package. We carved a new path with our insurtech platform, instead of following in the footsteps of other insurance companies that spend an estimated 90% of their resources investing in technology that maintains existing approaches instead of exploring real innovation.

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InsuraGuest Hospitality

A hospitality provider’s first line of defense

InsuraGuest Hospitality utilizes our proprietary software platform to deliver specialized Hospitality Liability coverages to member hotels and vacation rental properties. With InsuraGuest Hospitality custom coverages, properties benefit from an additional layer of protection that prevents the need to make GL claims if an InsuraGuest-covered claim occurs. InsuraGuest responds to guests and on a primary basis, covering accidental in-room property damage, theft, accidental medical expenses, and accidental death and dismemberment.

Competitive Prices

Reduced Risk

Lower Liability Insurance Costs

Improve Guest Experience

Timely Compensation

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Revolutionizing insurance for small business

InsureThePeople utilizes our proprietary insurtech platform to deliver on-demand, affordable insurance products to small business owners and freelancers through the power of technology. By combining automation and digital solutions, InsureThePeople enhances the customer experience, reduces costs, and provides flexible pricing, effectively revolutionizing insurance for small business.

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Additional insurtech products from InsuraGuest Technologies coming soon!