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Vacation Rental Insurance Simplified.

Pay Monthly. Share costs.

Let your guests pay. Lower your costs. Increase your profits.
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vacation rental insurance

Vacation Rental

Off On
Coverage: $0

Share Costs

Off On

Guest Fee

$0 /night


Revenue to you: $0

Summary of Coverage:

  • Accidental Medical: --
  • Property Damage: --
  • Theft Coverage: $2,500

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Total Monthly Cost

Vacation Rental Insurance: $0

Cost Sharing: -$0

Monthly Premium: $0

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Why InsuraGuest

How to use our Estimator

Easy claims. Fast payments.

Take the hassle out of getting paid. We pay regardless of who's fault it is.
Most claims paid within 72 hours.


Coverage for less than a cup of coffee. Only $3/day

Choose a monthly subscription of $60 or $90 per month.


$25,000 Medical Coverage

Up to $25,000 in accidental medical benefits when guests incur an injury.
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$25,000 Property Damage Coverage

Up to $25,000 in property damage benefits when guests damage your property.
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$2,500 Theft Coverage

Up to $2,500 in theft benefits when items come up missing.
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Works with your favorite PMS.

Click on your favorite property management system below to learn how you can let your guests pay by adding a nightly fee to every reservation.

Start. Pause. Start.

Turn on coverage when you need it. Click pause when you don't.
Coverage available 365 days a year.