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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about InsuraGuest Vacation Rental Insurance? Search our frequently asked questions below for answers or contact one of our insurance experts for more insight.

What makes InsuraGuest different?

InsuraGuest provides short-term vacation rental insurance to property owners and managers. There several reasons to choose InsuraGuest, but two primary factors stand out as major differentiators between InsuraGuest and the rest of the pack.

1. Simplicity
InsuraGuest is simply the simplest way to insure your vacation rental property. Getting coverage is as simple as signing up for a monthly subscription, and adding a vacation rental property address, adding a payment method, and checking out. No waiting for quotes. Just an instant signup and you're covered!

2. Affordability
InsuraGuest is not only the most affordable insurance out there at only $3 per day, but also a unique way to let you share insurance costs with your guests at checkin. Our insurance is pre-integrated with top property management systems. All you need to do is plug in the nightly guest fee you'd like to collect in your PMS and you'll automatically be collecting added fees with every reservation. This helps offset your costs and increase y0ur profits. No other insurance provider provides you with such ease of use and affordability as InsuraGuest.

Do I still need a homeowner's policy if I have InsuraGuest?

The short answer is yes. While InsuraGuest is meant to cover the vast majority instances where you need coverage, it is not meant to replace your homeowners policy. However, InsuraGuest is different than most other insurance in that we do not care who is at fault. Other providers only pay if you are found liable. Our coverage applies no matter whose fault it is.

What is included in your coverage?

InsuraGuest provides accident and health coverage for your guests, as well as property damage coverage for items in your vacation rental. Please see our Coverage Details page for a full description of coverage.

What does "share costs" mean?

"Share costs" means you can add an extra fee inside your OTA (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) or Property Management System software to pass some of the costs of the policy onto your guests as a marketing/management fee.

How do I share costs?

  1. Go into your OTA (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) or Property Management System software and add the extra fee to your reservation. It can be added as an “Admin Fee” or another service fee, so you can pass the cost of the policy onto your guests.
  2. VRBO and can be added on as a nightly fee, but Airbnb must be added as a percentage of the average nightly cost.

What is included in your coverage?

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